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Wedding Jewellery Essex, Wedding Jewellers in Essex, Wedding Rings in Essex, Tiara and Tiaras

Directory » Wedding Jewellery Essex, Wedding Jewellers in Essex, Wedding Rings, Tiaras


Wedding Jewellery Essex Wedding Rings and Engagement Rings

Michael Frank Jewellery  


Address 11, The Broadway, Wickford, Essex SS11 7AD
Telephone 01268 732083


Diamond wedding ring from Essex jeweller Michael Frank in Wickford

About Michael Frank


Michael Frank Jewellers is the name associated with style, superior workmanship and affordability. Michael and Amanda, directors of Michael Frank, have brought the ‘Hatton Garden’ experience to Essex.

Clients can now visit their Showroom in Plain wedding ring from jewller Michael Frank in Wickford Wickford, Essex and be assured of receiving a high level of customer care, professional service and comprehensive before and after sales support.

The showroom is open Monday-Saturday 9am-5pm.




Patterned Wedding Ring from Wickford, Essex jeweller Michael Frank Michael Frank specialises in wedding and engagement rings and believes in Couples receiving the ‘Hatton Garden’ experience but at a mere fraction of the cost. Michael and Amanda explain;

“it is important to us that our clients are made to feel special and enjoy the whole process of choosing and designing their wedding bands.

Engagement rings from Essex jeweller Michael Frank in Wickford, Essex It’s the most important day of their lives and the wedding ring will serve as a constant reminder of their commitment and special day. We get as excited as our clients seeing the finished product and love seeing people leaving us happy. We are extremely passionate about what we do, in fact we are so passionate about it we named the company after our sons Michael and Frankie!”


Couples can visit the Essex showroom for a private no obligation consultation. Appointments are not always necessary at the Essex showroom but it is advisable to call or email to arrange a date and time to ensure couples are given individual attention. Alternatively couples can book a private appointment at the Hatton Garden office or at various meeting points throughout the Essex area.

Michael Frank exhibit their wedding rings at all of the National Wedding Shows, such as Earls Court and London Excel, as well as many regional wedding shows throughout the London and Essex area. Please check the events page for further details.


Couples can also now benefit from three silver pendants for their bridemaids free as a special thank you for using Michael Frank.



Wedding Jewellery Essex Wedding Rings and Engagement RingsLance James  The Jewellers


Lance James Wedding Jewellers



Brentwood Shop

23, Crown Street, Brentwood, Essex CM14 4BA

Chelmsford Shop,

3, Barrack Square, Chelmsford, Essex CM2 0UU


Brentwood Shop  01277 219800

Chelmsford Shop  01245 500499



    When you wear a ring everday,

                               don't settle for an everyday ring.


Wedding ring and engagement rings courtesy of Essex Wedding Jewellers Lance James


When you choose a Wedding Ring remember it will become the symbol of all you will experience throughout your married life.




wedding ring selection images provided  by Essex Jeweller


It will last beyond the dress and be looked at more than the photos.



Wedding Ring for Bride from Essex Jeweller Lance James


Your rings are the symbols of your love and commitment to each other.  So take time to choose rings that have a design that will last and are of the highest quality to suit your budget.



Lance James has a total passion for his craft, coupled with complete dedication to his clients. If you are looking to find a stunning range of designer rings for your wedding or engagement, visit one of our shops at either Brentwood or Chelmsford for a first class service. Make your choice from some of the top names in wedding and engagement rings. Names such as Furrer Jacot, Ungar & Ungar, Rivoir and Pandora Jewellery where we are the authorised agents.


Wedding rings from Lance James Essex jewellers


Brentwood Shop

Opening times  Monday to Saturday  10am - 5.30pm


Lance James Brentwood Shop


Chelmsford Shop

Opening times  Monday to Saturday  10am - 5pm

  Sunday 11am - 4pm

Lance James Jewellers Chelmsford




Jewellery Table

Address Contact Emma
Telephone 07710 487144

Handmade Jewellery, Tiaras and Hair Accessories

We will create your tiara to your exact wishes, as it will be important, personal and precious to you. 

Let us help you design the tiara of your dreams  

Some examples are shown below



Crystal and Glass Pearl Tiara  £65.00


Beautiful Glass and Pearl Tiara


Crystal Tiara  £60.00

Crystal Tiara





Hatton Jewellery

Address 28 Elm Road, Leigh on Sea, Essex SS9 1SN
Telephone 01702 472535





















































































































Other companies offer Wedding Jewellery in Essex :

Try a tiara to show off your new hairstyle. Select from a range or have one made especially for you. Tiaras add a new dimention to your fashion.



This page referes to businesses or individuals in Essex supplying Wedding Jewellery in Essex, Wedding Tiaras, Bridal Jewellery, Bride and Brides Jewellery, Mother of the bride Jewellery, Gold Jewellery, Silver Jewellery, Wedding Diamonds, Vintage Bridal Jewellery Bridal Accessories, Essex Wedding Jewellers, Bespoke Wedding Jewellery, Custom Wedding Jewellery, Groom and Grooms Jewellery



Useful tips when

buying jewellery

written by

Lance James

The Jewellers


Find out what your girlfriend likes
Look at their existing pieces of jewellery,  particularly her favourite ones. What colour jewellery does she prefer? Remember most girls will already have a very definite idea of what style engagement ring they would like (scarily some from the age of 13!)

Find a good Jeweller
You need to find a Jeweller you feel comfortable with. They should be members of The National Association of Goldsmiths. Some stores that look like actual Jewellers are

only Jewellery Galleries and will not have the same experience, knowledge or qualifications of real Jewellers.

Decide on your budget
Before you start looking at rings, have a clear idea of what your budget is and what her expectations are. This will help your jeweller help you.

What Rock?
Diamonds are a safe bet! It's traditional and it matches everything. Unless you know

that your girlfriend has a deep dislike for them, or alternatively has an absolute love for another stone, then you can't really go wrong with a diamond.

The 4 C's - There are four variables, commonly known as the 4 C's, which will affect its price.

Carat – this is the unit measurement for a diamond. Each carat is made up of 100 points. However, do remember

it is a measurement of weight and not the size. A diamond is a 3D thing – a one carat diamond ring does not look twice the size of a 50 point diamond when viewed from above. It is always handy to ask what the size is in millimetres; it will help you to compare different stones.

Colour – most customers want the whitest diamond they can afford. The colour is measured from D (colourless) down through the alphabet as the stone becomes more coloured. (The scale starts at D, because we cannot rule out the chance

of finding even purer colours in the future). D and E are very rare and expensive; at Lance James our standard colour range is

from F to H. Others use lesser stones.

Clarity – this is basically how clear a diamond is. Because it

is a natural product, it will have natural imperfections (“inclusions”). The fewer inclusions, the more light is reflected from the stone resulting in more sparkle. The scale used to measure clarity is as follows:

F Flawless – no internal or external inclusions.

IF Internally flawless – only external inclusions.

VVS1 - VVS2 Very, very slightly included.

VS1 - VS2 Very slightly included.

SI1 - SI2 Slightly included, but still not visible to the naked eye.

I1 - I3 Included.

Stones that are VVS2 to F are

very rare and very expensive.  Their inclusions can only be seen with the help of magnification. Most couples will opt for something between SI1 and VS1.

Cut – often forgotten, this variable is as important as the clarity and colour. The proportions of the cut are incredibly important; when the light enters the stone, if the angles of the cut are not correct, this will reduce the amount of light which is reflected back out - therefore reducing its sparkle.

The various different shapes of cut will also affect the sparkle. The most effective shape is the brilliant or round cut.

Don't worry about being blinded by science – it's not critical but it is handy to be aware of what factors will affect the price of your diamond engagement ring. If the diamonds you are looking at all seem too pricey for your budget

– then consider reducing the size rather than the quality.

We all know that size does matter – but so does quality!

Although more and more people are asking for certificates, they are not essential, and you will be paying extra for this paperwork! Spend this money on a bigger stone.

A certificate just tells you what grade your diamond is; even bad diamonds can get a certificate. It is not a guarantee of quality.

Choose a setting
Contemporary or classic, platinum or gold, the choice is yours.  We have a vast range of ring designs to cater for the most discerning customers - over 8,000 at the last count. Bespoke means the choice of design is endless - see below.

Bespoke rings made to your designs

For those customers who have

a more original design in mind, we offer a complete commission service. With the aid of our onsite workshop and advice from our experienced jewellers, you can work with our staff to achieve a design unique to you. A drawing, however sketchy, can be enormously helpful in conveying your idea accurately to the jeweller.

As it is unique to your taste we cannot accept exchanges on bespoke commissions.

What happens if she doesn't like the ring?

At Lance James, if you want to keep it a surprise, you can buy

a ring and exchange it if it's not exactly what she wanted.

If you want to make it a surprise, let us know your intentions and don't try to commission an original bespoke design.

If you choose one from our extensive range in the shop and the ring is not the style that she was hoping for, we can then either exchange it, or make you

a ring to order.



Engagement Rings


Gold Wedding Rings


If you are looking for a special ring, let Essex Wedding Professionals help you to find a quality supplier.

We will be pleased to guide you through every aspect of planning your wedding.  From your engagement, through to your wedding day and on to your honeymoon, we are here to help you.

For that perfect engagement ring, you will be able to find the ring of your dreams.

If you are looking for the perfect wedding ring, Essex Wedding Professionals will be pleased to put you in touch with the very finest wedding jewellers.

Whatever your taste and style, they will help you to find your perfect engagement and/or wedding ring.

Whether your dream wedding ring is understated or flamboyant we are happy to act as your personal aide and help you find the best place for you to choose from beautiful wedding rings from the best wedding jewellery retailers in Essex.

Trust the suppliers on Essex Wedding Professionals to provide you with a wide range of wedding rings, whether you are looking for silver, gold or platinum.

We are here to help you with your wedding planning and to help you find the best suppliers.

Whether you are looking for help and advice on wedding suppliers and services or finding the right wedding cake or the best gold wedding ring, Essex Wedding Professionals are your choice for quality wedding suppliers and services.

Essex Wedding Professionals is your one stop shop for everything you could possibly need for your wedding.